08:15 or, The Stench

2011    Duration: 9:30

Director: Amelia Saul
Percussionist: Michael Evans
Camera: Natasha Kermani, Syrie Moskowitz
Sound: Benjamin Berger
Sound design: Nashwar Zaman
Grip: Nicole Kuprienko
Color: Syrie Moskowitz

In Amelia Saul's new video, 8:15 or The Stench, she attempts to psychically connect to the spirit of the moment Enola Gay released Little Boy over Hiroshima: August 6th, 1945 08:15, Japan Standard Time. This moment is chosen for its horror, its volume, and the paradoxical nonchalance with which one can speak of it in the present day US.

In this action, she posits a conception of consciousness not, like you or I, located in a person made of matter traveling through time, but one made of time traveling through matter. This 'single-moment-being' exists only a millisecond, but the length of its life could be measured with a ruler.Its consciousness travels across the matter of its particular instant like a ribbon of flame traveling over a piece of paper. In this flip of the position of matter and time, much is up for speculation.

Using (and teasing) tools of video art and experimental filmmaking, Saul pays homage to the intensity of philosophical and political discourse in cinéma vérité and the video art of the 70's and 80's.