The New Mysticism

2010    Duration: 7:00

Writer and Director: Amelia Saul
Director of Photography and Cinematographer: Barbara Lubich
Sound and Tech: ixu
Grip: Siever O'Connor Aoki
Actors: Stephen Blank, Sam Consiglio, Francesco Masci
Produced by: Amelia Saul, Adam J. Boxer, Nancy Barton, Barbara Lubich
Champagne Tower: Rachel Rosenstein-Sisson
Special thanks to: Jo-ey Tang, Aoki, Syrie Moskowitz, Nick Imondi

In The New Mysticism, three scientists party on a stage decorated with confetti, streamers, and a champagne tower. They are celebrating a scientific discovery that remains undefined by the film's line, "We have solved the equation!" This work uses the auspices of the theater to question the purpose of scientific inquiry.