A Democratic Experience

2010    Duration: 12:00

Players: Sam Consiglio, Mila Geisler, Lauren Kalogridis, Daniela Libertad, Joe Namy, Amelia Saul, Nick Typaldos

Footage from the first 'Introverted performance': a workshop devised by Saul including six to eight players who are audience and performer simultaneously. For six hours they perform for themselves only; no one is only a spectator. The structure of the workshop is strictly non-hierarchical. Participants are given prompts from sources including Augusto Boal's Games for Actors and Non-Actors, Stanislavki, and the cinéma vérité of Vilgot Sjöman. However, all activities are decided on by the group as a whole, though democratic majority is not a requirement for action.

To document the performance, cameras are stationed around the room, which is laid out without respect to divisions of front/back, stage/audience. The product of this exercise is not pre-conceived and is completely unforeseeable.